queso manchego

Queso Manchego is a Spanish cheese made since Roman times and usually made with sheep milk. This cheese is firm in texture and white in color. The cheese is covered with a thin, washed rind with white mold spots. Aged versions of the cheese have a brownish crust at the rind and a nutty, robust taste. 

Queso Manchego is a typical cheese of Spain. It is also called “the king of cheeses.” It may age for 12 months or longer. It can only be produced in the region surrounding La Mancha, in Castilla, central Spain. 

Tasty, Tangy Manchego Cheese is traditional used in many dishes as it is both mild and flavorful. It is typically presented in blocks or slices and generally eaten by itself or paired with fruits, bread, nuts, or figs. Served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is the perfect accompaniment to an aged Rioja.